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Practical Logging and Metrics · Homepage of Hynek Schlawack

Your Python applications are running yet you’re pondering what they are doing? The main piece of information about their present state is the server stack after ssh-ing into the servers? How about we change that!

Up until now, I’ve held it at PiterPy 2015 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, PyCon US 2015 in Montreal (short form), Canada, EuroPython in Bilbao, Spain, and PyCon JP 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

Video of the EuroPython form:

Slides of the EuroPython variant:

Five Easy Steps To Get Started

Get a free Sentry account.

Introduce Raven into your venture.

Design logging to forward special cases to Sentry. [Bonus: take a gander at different combinations that are similarly as easy.]

Introduce a period arrangement database:

Utilize uWSGI and instruct it to send its measurements to your database.

Presently you don’t miss any blunders any longer and you have a general thought of what your framework is doing. You can begin refining.


Appropriate mistake logging is magnificent 🙂

— Armin Ronacher January 8, 2015


Measurements are the best way to complete your activity.

— Jeff Hodges



Send occasions as they happen, total in independent administration:

StatsD was as one with Graphite part of the first ascent of measurements.

Promoted by etsy’s currently notorious blog entry.

Gives you a super-simple approach to add measurements to any application: simply send UDP parcels against it once you measure something.

Written in node.js nor is a piece of Ubuntu sadly.

crapload of Python customers.

UDP may not be the most ideal approach to gather measurements.

riemann composed by a super-brilliant individual for other super-keen individuals.

Total inside your application and send to DB:

Prometheus (see additionally down for more subtle elements) has an official Python customer.

scales is as yet the most mainstream bundle and roused by Coda Hale’s unique Metrics bundle for Java. Can send out information to Graphite.

yunomi is promising yet needs another maintainer, volunteers?

Cry composed a uWSGI-particular port called uwsgi_metrics.

faststat is a more moderate and manual approach.

Before adding measurements standard to your business rationale, look at whether you can’t watch some of them all things considered:

Burrow further: New Relic

Framework measurements gatherers (can likewise be utilized to bring measurements from your applications):

Putting away and Viewing

Measurements are spared into a period arrangement database.

Librato Metrics, paid arrangement that is lovely and simple to utilize.

SoundCloud discharged their opportunity arrangement database that coordinates checking: Prometheus.

It’s draw based rather than push based, which implies Prometheus will collect uncovered measurements from your applications.

There is a push passage on the off chance that you can’t uncover the measurements yourself.

There is a lot of exporters to instrument other programming like nginx or to incorporate existing measurements frameworks like collectd, statsd, Graphite, …

Julius Volz – one of the venture authors – gave a pleasant review to Prometheus in a meeting with FLOSS Weekly.

One of the philosophical mainstays of Prometheus is to total measurements inside your application, however just in the easiest conceivable way. So it’s for the most part simply augmenting and including of numbers. Not determinations or percentiles. You defeat the two universes.

I found the network extremely dynamic, responsive, and well disposed.

Graphite still presumably the most prominent occasions arrangement database.

Python-based (Twisted and Django)

Its system convention (actualized via carbon) is a broadly bolstered true standard.

There are facilitated alternatives as well.

Primary drawback is the absence of multidimensional information. While current TSDBs permit to label your information like:

load,server=”server1″,time=”5m” 0.5

Graphite drives you to place everything into the metric name:

server1.load.5m = 0.5

InfluxDB, a cutting edge time arrangement database intensely motivated by Graphite.

OpenTSDB is the last enormous TSDB player.

Requires a HBase group to work.

Grafana, delightful dashboards for Prometheus, OpenTSDB, Graphite, and InfluxDB.

InfluxDB likewise assembled a possess perception device called Chronograf:

So, we adore Grafana and need to guarantee that InfluxDB and Chronograf clients can likewise be upbeat Grafana clients. In any case, we likewise required the capacity to emphasize on thoughts for perception instruments ourselves.

etsy’s irregularity discovery framework: Kale.

You need to take a gander at percentiles and not exactly at midpoints.


Try not to compose exposition, the essential buyer of logs is a PC.

structlog causes you with organized logging without supplanting your current logging system.

A totally unique way to deal with logging offers lithoxyl from PayPal.

eliot is a comparative instrument albeit more stubborn and with help for causal chains.

Try not to rethink the logging wheel inside Python. On the off chance that you keep running on a UNIX-like working framework, there is positively no compelling reason to include timestamps, not to mention do log revolution inside your applications. Keep is basic, keep concerns isolated.

Troubleshooting logging can be disappointing. One decent aide is logging_tree by the marvelous Brandon Rhodes.

Log to standard out, at that point…

Case of a logging framework: Gondor.

Total your logs in a focal place to make it effortlessly accessible in one place.

Paid arrangements:

Most well known open/free arrangement: ELK

Elasticsearch: a circulated database with center around realtime looking.

Logstash: log processor that parses your log passages and spares them to Elasticsearch.

Kibana: web frontend to hunt, associate, and imagine your log sections.

Graylog is another open/free prevalent logging arrangement.

Another arrangement is fluentd.

Before you get your collection set up, you might need to look at The Log File Navigator which is a vivid CLI apparatus.

Frequently enough, you don’t have to really store logs however just process them. The CDN supplier CloudFlare has 10 trillion log lines every month and utilizations them to identify assaults and irregularities however doesn’t store them since it’s a lot of information and to abstain from being requested that information. This is a progressed yet captivating talk.



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